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List of all supported fields with examples

Standard CF7 tags

We’re still working on this page. If you have trouble with one of the CF7 tags, please head to the support forum.

[text] text
[email] email
[url] URL
[tel] tel
[number] number
[textarea] text area
[select] drop-down menu
[checkbox] checkboxes


[radio] radio buttons


[acceptance] acceptance

Do not use the acceptance field inside a conditional group, unless if you make it optional. If an acceptance field is not checked, CF7 disabled the submit button, even if the field is inside a hidden group.


[quiz] quiz
[file] file


[hidden] hidden field
[submit] submit

Extra tags added by CF7 Conditional Fields

  1. [group] Conditional fields Group
  2. [togglebutton] Toggle button (PRO)
  3. [repeater] Repeater (PRO)
  4. [multifile] Allow uploading multiple files to a single file field (PRO)
  5. [step] Multistep (PRO)
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