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Repeater with file

June 10, 2020

To attach files from a repeater to your email message, you need to wrap the file-field with the name of the repeater in the attachments field. For example, if your form looks like this: The attachment field should look like this: You can also show the file names in the email body like this: Demo: … Read More

Repeater (PRO only)

May 21, 2019

Basic example Advanced example The folowing features can be tweaked: Minimum number of repetitions (default 1) – example: min:1 Maximum number of repetitions (default 200) – example: max:10 Initial number of repetitions (default 1) – example: initial:2 Add button text (default: “Add”) – example: add “Add another address” Remove button text (default: “Remove”) – example: … Read More