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How to set number of repeater entries based on field value

November 27, 2020

Sometimes you will want to show the number of repeatable fields based on another field in your form, instead of having your user press the Add and Remove until they reach the desired amount. This can be easily achieved with a bit of Javascript and some custom CSS. The JavaScript to set the number of … Read More

Repeater with file

June 10, 2020

To attach files from a repeater to your email message, you need to wrap the file-field with the name of the repeater in the attachments field. For example, if your form looks like this: The attachment field should look like this: You can also show the file names in the email body like this: Demo: … Read More

Repeater (PRO only)

May 21, 2019

Basic example Advanced example The folowing features can be tweaked: It’s also possible to add groups inside the repeater. Take a look at the example code, it should make everything clear. … Read More