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How to upload multiple files with drag and drop

October 20, 2022

Conditional Fields PRO supports the [multifile] tag, which allows users to upload multiple files to a single file input field. By default this field looks plain and simple, but by popular demand this page demonstrates how you can turn it into a full-blown drag-and-drop interface which plays nicely with Contact Form 7 and Conditional Fields. … Read More

Repeater with file

June 10, 2020

To attach files from a repeater to your email message, you need to wrap the file-field with the name of the repeater in the attachments field. For example, if your form looks like this: The attachment field should look like this: You can also show the file names in the email body like this: Demo: … Read More

Conditional file attachments

July 3, 2019

The file field is a supported conditional field. But apart from simply showing/hiding groups based on the fact if a file is selected or not, you can also add files conditionally. Attach files from your media library conditionally Take this form as an example: Select file: [select “file-1” “file-2” “file-3”] [group g1]file-1 will be emailed … Read More


September 14, 2018

This example form demonstrates how the file field can be used as a trigger to hide/show groups. … Read More