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Compare 2 fields

At the time of writing there is no built in way to compare 2 fields with each other. However, since Conditional Fields PRO allows you to define your own functions, you can always resort to a bit of JavaScript in order to create your own custom conditions. Let’s say you want to show a group, … Read More

Show group based on the number of selected checkboxes

Say you have 5 checkboxes and you want some fields to appear when at least 3 are checked? With the free version of Conditional Fields this isn’t possible. But with Conditional Fields Pro you can add a function name as a condition, and depending on whether or not this function returns true, the fields will … Read More

Date range

August 28, 2019

At this point the Conditional Fields plugin is unaware of date ranges, but this is a problem that can be solved with custom functions. Custom functions are available in Conditional Fields Pro. Check out the example below. Example 1 Example 2 – Multiple date ranges … Read More

Advanced conditional logic with custom javascript functions

CF7 Conditional Fields PRO 1.6.2 introduces the possibility to write your own JavaScript functions to determine whether or not a group should be shown. In order for the above example to work, you need to create two JavaScript functions – not PHP functions! – called isOlderThan18(field) {} and isYoungerThan18(field) {} in your theme. These functions … Read More