Hi! Ever wanted to do something like this with Contact Form 7?

    Something like this! Making additional fields appear and disappear based on the user's input.

    Pretty sweet huh? You can create forms like this yourself using the 100% Free Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7 plugin

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    I get it, nobody likes filling out forms.

    Okay, what would you like to know?

    Sure. Fields with multiple values are supported as well. You can show and hide multiple groups of fields at the same time.

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    Why not give it a try?

    Great job!

    Conditional fields works for all text input types, including number, telephone, email, date, ...

    You can also trigger groups on specific values.
    Try entering the text hello in the field above

    Hello, yourself!

    You can take this further with the PRO plugin, which adds support for regular expressions, relational operators and even custom functions

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